CGD Computing FAQs

Wireless Connectivity for CGD Staff Onsite at NCAR

How do I connect to NCAR's wireless network?

You must have a wireless-capable laptop. If you have wireless networking enabled, you should automatically be connected to NCAR's wireless network when you are in range. If you are not automatically connected, you may need to browse for available networks in your wireless software. For instance, Microsoft Windows has an icon in the system tray that you can double-click, then select "Refresh list of available networks." There is no password needed to connect.

Once you are connected, you will need to authenticate in order to use most networking features. You can authenticate one of two ways: Cisco VPN software, or the UCAR heartbeat page.

For further information, see: CISL's Wireless Information Page.

Cisco VPN (Virtual Private Network)

NCAR employees may obtain Cisco VPN (Virtual Private Network) software from their divisional Systems Administrator. Cisco VPN software can be installed if you meet UCAR's security requirements. If you are a UCAR visitor, there are certain situations where you may still qualify to receive the software.

For additional information regarding wireless access and VPN, see: CISL's VPN information page.

The Heartbeat Page:

  • Open up a web browser and point the URL to:
  • Login as a Regular User using your UCAS name and password. Or, if you are a guest,
    Login as a Visitor using the guest name and password that was given to you by your sponsor.
  • Leave the browser window open in the backround and you will stay authenticated on UCAR's wireless network.