CGD Computing FAQs

VPN Software

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is software that allows you to appear to be within NCAR's network when you are connecting from a host outside our network. VPN also allows you to connect your laptop inside UCAR's firewall while using wireless. VPN is necessary for RAS (Level3) users if they wish to access systems inside the UCAR firewall. VPN is not automatically installed for all users, although UCAR employees are eligible and can request it through their Divisional System Administration staff.

Visitors to CGD can typically access the wireless network and use the Heartbeat Page for networking. This is the preferred method because we do not have to request Cisco VPN software from UCAR attorneys. The primary reason a visitor may wish to use VPN while on site is so they can print (one cannot access CGD printers using the Heartbeat Page setup). The quickest and easiest alternative in this instance is to copy the file to a USB drive and print from the Library computers. Alternately, the visitor can email a file to a CGD staff member for printing. VPN is beneficial mostly for long-term visitors who need to print or wish to work seamlessly from home during their visit.

----- NCAB and NNAG announcement ----

After approximately 1pm on Wednesday, 08-Jun-2005, dial-up users (or Remote
Access Services (RAS) users) will need a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
client to access internal UCAR resources. External resources, including
external UCAR links, can still be accessed via UCAR dial-up (or RAS) without
a VPN client.

Please note that this does not affect all services--only access to those
that are UCAR internal. That is, you can still get to outside Internet
resources (so you can get the VPN client if you need it). This also means
that if you have the VPN client already on devices you may dial in to UCAR
with, you are set for RAS access after this change. Just note that after
Wednesday, 08-Jun-2005 about 1pm, you'll need to use a working UCAR VPN
client setup to access internal UCAR resources (external access will not
require VPN client use).

If you have any other questions or concerns, please send an