CGD Computing FAQs

Computer Policy Regarding Visitor Laptops

Effective: Monday, 6 February 2006

Change in Visitor Laptop Support:
Visitor Laptops No Longer Permitted on CGD Network

Effective Mon 6 Feb 2006, computer equipment (mostly laptops) that are not owned by NCAR and managed by a member of CGD will no longer be allowed on the CGD internal network. This affects primarily visitors and personally owned hardware. Visitors/users needing a network connection can access either the wireless network or the hard-wired "guest" network where available.

CGD/IS is dropping this support for two reasons:

1) Laptop vetting is one of the most time consuming activities the group performs, and can take anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days, depending on the state of the system. Visitors/users expect vetting to be performed on an immediate basis, which is rarely possible.

2) Reasonable "work arounds" are now available for the problems created by restricted access (printing, file access, access to a home institute, access to the Internet).

The two main problems this creates for visitors are file transfer and printing. Solutions to both of these problems require use of the Cisco VPN (Virtual Private Network) software.

File transfers can be made using sftp from visitor systems to CGD servers over a VPN connection.

Printer configuration will be dependent on the visitor's operating sytem.

Instructions for visitor Windows configuration are located here:

Mac instructions are here:

Linux users will need to contact the CGD/IS staff.

If all else fails, USB disks (a.k.a "memory sticks", "disk-on-keys", etc) can be used to 'sneaker-net' the files onto CGD systems. Publicly available systems (one Windows, one Linux) are available in the ML-330 hallway.

If there are any questions, please