CGD Computing FAQs: Printing

Adding and Removing Windows Printers for CGD Staff

To Connect a Printer

You must be on the CIT domain for this method to work. All CGD permanent staff have their Windows accounts on the CIT domain. If you are a CGD visitor, visit the faq for visitor printing. [visitor printing]

To connect to network printers in CGD from a Windows PC do the following:

  • Go to Start --> Run
  • In the dialog box, type "\\cgdgibson" (no quotes)

A new window opens with a list of the available printers.

  • Double-click the printer you would like to add. A new window opens.
  • That's it! Close the windows. You can choose to print to the newly-added printer from within your application.

To Disconnect a Printer

  • Go to Start --> Settings --> Printers
  • Right click on the printer you want to delete
  • Select Delete

If you have any other questions or concerns, please