CGD Computing FAQs

Checklist for New Users and Visitors

New Users Account Request and Email User Needs to Systems

  • Account Request Form
  • telling us room numbers, equipment/network needs, if the user will be bringing a laptop, etc.

Request computing accounts and Cryptocard

Fill out the New User Account Form at least two weeks before the user's arrival. The account must be requested by a current CGD staff member, not the visitor.

This form should be used to request all of the following account types:

  • General-use CGD systems and code repositories
  • CGD Clusters
  • CISL High Performance Computers (requires Project Number)
  • Meeting Maker
  • UCAS (formerly gatekeeper)

Cryptocard (requires Project Number)

A CryptoCard is required for access to CISL High Performance Computers as well as access to CGD from outside our network via goldhill or moffatt. Visit the CryptoCard FAQ to request a CryptoCard.

Acquire computer

CGD/IS only may be able provide Linux systems for new users. This will be based on availability. If you need a Linux system set up for a user, submit a CGD/IS Work Request at least two weeks in advance.

We do not provide computers running Windows, or Mac OS for desktop use.

Visitor laptops are no longer permitted on CGD network.

Effective Mon 6 Feb 2006, computer equipment (mostly laptops) that are not owned by NCAR and managed by a member of CGD will no longer be allowed on the CGD internal network. Please read our Policy for Visitor Laptops. They can however, bring in laptops for use on UCAR's wireless network.

Request network connection

There must be an active network connection in the user's office on the correct network. and the IS Group will request your network activation from NETS. Please include:

  • Name of user
  • Room number
  • Location in room where user will sit
  • Type of computer (Sun Ray)

Request phone from CISL

CGD/IS does not provide support for the telephones. This is handled by NETS. Please put in a CISL/NETS Work Request.

Request a Dial-up (RAS) Account from CISL (still supported by not commonly requested)

If the user will need to dial in to NCAR computers from a home modem, they should request a RAS acccount from CISL.

Request VPN software (only requested in some instances, good for long-term visitors)

If the user wants to use VPN from home or while on UCAR's wireless, you need to request the software directly. See our VPN FAQ for procedures.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please