CGD Computing FAQs

How to Authenticate With an Administrator Account

NOTE: There are two different ways to use your Adminstrator account.

Scenario: You need to install an application or browser plugin and are unable due to insufficient permissions.


  • Download the installer file to a common location like the C drive. (There is no need to do this for most broswer plugins or if you have the CD) .
  • Log out and then log back in as your administrator account. When doing this if your computer is part of the cit domain, you will need to type in your admin username, password and then from the pull down menu select your computer name rather than cit.
  • Browse to the installer file and double click it to begin the install. Or, open your internet browser and navigate to the page that was requiring the plugin.
  • Follow the install steps of the installer file or plugin.
  • When the installation has finished, log out of the administrator account and then log back in as your normal user account and continue working.


  • If needing to install a program, download the installer file to your desktop or somewhere you can find it.
  • If you need to install a browser plugin, close completely out of your browser.
  • If you have an installer file, hold down the left 'shift' button and right click on the installer file. You will see a menu pop up and you will want to choose "Run as..."
  • To install broswer plugins, now that your brower is closed, hold down the left 'shift' button and right click your browser shortcut or executable link and select "Run as..." from the menu that appears.
  • Once you select "Run as..." a menu will pop up asking you how you want to authenticate. You will want to select the radio button on "The following user:" and select your admin account from the pull down menu or manually type it in. (Generally your admin account will be of the form "your_machine_name\username-admin").

  • At this point your installer file will start the install process or if you are installing a plugin in your internet broswer, browse back to the page requiring the plugin and choose to download and install the plugin.
  • When using an installer file, once the install is done you may resume working.
  • If you were installing a browser plugin, it is IMPORTANT to close out of the browser and restart it normally by selecting it from the start menu or double clicking a shortcut to it. This is important because you were running the browser as your administrator account and settings such as bookmarks will be saved under that account unless you close out completely and then open as your standard username.

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