CGD Computing FAQs


CDR Backup Procedure

by Chad Callaghan (Summer 2002)

To backup to a CDR please follow these steps:

1. Insert a blank CDR into CDRW drive (The drive labeled Compact Disc Rewriteable).

2. You should now see a window automatically popup that looks like this:

3. If the “Roxio Project” selector does not automatically popup. Go to  “Start”, “Programs”, “Roxio Easy CD Creator 5” and select “Project Selector”. This will in turn, open the window above.

4. Next select “make a data CD” (The second blue button from the top on the left hand side, and it will be highlighted light blue when you select this option).

5. Next, Click the “data CD project” and wait for the next window to execute and popup. It will look like this:

6. Drag the files you want to be “burned” to the lower right half of the windows above. For instance if you have files in “My Documents” folder that you want burned to disc, literally drag the file to the lower right half window. If you do not see the “Explorer Bar”, go to the “View” tab in the upper left hand corner and make sure that the “Show Explorer Bar” is checked. See picture below.


7. Keep adding the files you want burned to disc until you are done or have added 700mb worth of data, which is the maximum capacity that a CDR can hold. Also at the bottom of the “Untitled Data CD Project – Easy CD Creator” window, there will be a bar that is green that tells you how much data is in the current project and the project Size. Don’t worry too much about this because Roxio will let you know if you are over the limit. In this case, you will need to burn more than one disc.

8. After all files have been added click the red “record” button. A new window will popup that looks like the one below.


9. Make sure that you are looking at Advanced options. If not, click the “options” box in the lower right hand corner. The “Record CD Setup” should look exactly like the one below.

10.Make sure that “Buffer underrun prevention” box is checked. You should also make sure that Test and Record CD is checked. If you are positive you do not want to add any more files to the CDR, then make sure that the “Finalize CD” button is checked (This way any CD Rom Reader will be able to read the data on the disc. If you want to be able to keep adding files to the CDR until it is full, then you need to make sure that the “Finalize session. Don’t Finalize CD” box is checked.

11.Finally, click the “Start Recording” tab and wait for the disc to finish. It will prompt you when the disc is finished burning. After the disc is done, it will ask you if you want to save your session. You have the option of doing so, but I usually cancel out of it. That’s it! You have now burned your first disc!

For more information on CDRs, see