CGD Computing FAQs


How to set up X forwarding in SecureCRT

The following document will describe how to set up SecureCRT sessions to foward X11 packets back to your system. You will need Exceed or some other X application to display these windows on your system in addition to these settings.

  • If the Connect window doesn't open when you open SecureCRT, click on the button to open it as shown below under the mouse pointer.

  • Next select the "New Session" button as shown below under the mouse pointer.

  • Make sure SSH2 is selected and hit "Next"

  • Type in the host you would like to connect to and click "Next".

  • Click "Finish" to complete the session connection.

  • To enable X forwarding, click on the "Properties" button of your newly created session as shown below under the mouse pointer.

  • In the Properties screen, expand Connection>Port Forwarding and highlight Remote/X11. Select the check box "Forward X11 packets" in the right pane of the window.

  • Start up either Exceed or another X window application and you are now set to display X applications back to your system.

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