CGD Computing FAQs

Windows Automatic Updates


ISG has configured every Windows computer to use Windows Automatic Updates. UCAR administers a Software Updates Server (SUS) that will push the newest Windows security patches to your local desktop/laptop when you are plugged in to the CGD network.

We have configured Windows Automatic Updates so that users must install the updates themselves. We think this gives people the flexibility of selecting a convenient time to install the udpates, rather than having it done automatically. However we will set a time limit, after which they will install automatically to help keep our systems free of sucurity holes. Often, the user will be required to reboot their computer after the updates are installed.

Even though you can defer the updates to a convenient time, it is important to install them as soon as possible after you see the Windows Update icon appear in the lower right hand corner of your desktop (could also look like a yellow shield, similar to the Symantec icon).

What Do I Need To Do?

1) When important updates are available for your computer, they will be downloaded automatically, and this icon will appear in your Windows System Tray:

Updates Ready

2) Double-click on the icon and click "Install".

3) You will see this screen as the updates are installed.

Update Screen 3

4) Restart the computer to complete the update procedure.

Update Screen 4

5) On your home computer, you should run Windows Update manually.

Thanks to the Florida Museum of Natural History, Office of Museum Technology for screen shots and instructions for this tutorial.

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