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New Linux Cluster

October 31, 2002

The IS Group has put together a Linux cluster for general use by CGD staff. The hardware configuration is 17 nodes: 1 master node w/ 16 compute nodes. Each node is configured as:

Dell Optiplex G260
CPU: 1 x 2.0 GHz Intel P4 w/ 512k cache
Memory: 1 GByte
Disk: 20 GB disk w/ 14 GByte available for scratch per node.
110 GB disk is available as shared disk space for all nodes.

Cluster Network: Gigabit ethernet.
Uplink to non-cluster NFS mounts (ie, /data, /fs): 100Mb/s.

The Portland HPF90 v4.0 compiler and debugger is installed, along with MPI, and PBS as the queuing system. (PGCC still needs to be installed.) The OS is RedHat 7.3 Linux.

A general FAQ is available at:

Usage is open to anyone with a valid CGD account, but access to the cluster needs to be requested via WREQ.

If you have any questions, email Mark Moore..

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