January 8, 2008

Hello CGD,
This affects users on all Operating Systems using RealPlayer.

Due to a recent security exploit, RealPlayer has been disabled on all 
Windows CGD computers until a patch for RealPlayer is available. This 
was the recommendation by the NCAR security group that CGD/IS has 
agreed to implement. Any attempts to open RealPlayer will result 
in an error telling you that RealPlayer has been disabled by your 
System Administrator.

To disable RealPlayer, CGD has created a domain group policy which 
updated all computers currently on the network at 10:10 am today. 
If your machine was off the network, the group policy should take 
affect within 2 hours of re-connecting to the internal network. 
If your machine was powered off, the group policy will refresh 
during login if it is connected to the internal network.

If your machine is off the network, please avoid using RealPlayer 
at all costs. This includes clicking on website links that launch 
RealPlayer or require it to view aspects of a website. This is 
especially important for those of you who engage in on-line 
banking, UCAR financial or personnel file access.

RealPlayer will be disabled within the hour until a patch is 
released. You will most likely get an error if you attempt to 
use RealPlayer.

If you are on a Macintosh computer, please do not use Real 
Player until a patch is released.

Further information can be found here:

Thank you,
CGD IS Staff