January 25, 2008

If you don't use Pine or Mutt, hit delete now.

Pine and Mutt are configured by default to access e-mail
directly using the /var/mail partition. Within CGD, this
partition has historically been network-mounted from the
central server to _every_ Unix system in the division.
E-mail loads have gone up dramatically over the last few
years, which has caused an unacceptable performance hit
on the servers.

Due to this, /var/mail will not be exported to division
Unix systems after Wed 5 Mar 08. Pine and Mutt users
will have to configure their .pinrc and .muttrc files
respectively to use the IMAP protocol.

Below are instructions on how to configure both Pine and Mutt
to use the IMAP protocol. Users can make these updates
at any time before or after the cut off date.

Please call or email the systems group if you need i
help with these changes.  (systems@cgd.ucar.edu or


Edit /home//.pinerc

Find the following line:


change to:


Add the following line:


/home/kfischer/.pinerc :


You will be required to enter your password each time pine
is started. 


Edit /home//.muttrc
(Most of the following lines already exist, you just need to
uncomment, and modify them with your information.)

DO NOT,  I repeat .. DO NOT uncomment and use the
"set imap_pass="my_imap_password" line!!!

        set imap_user=
        set spoolfile=imap://mailhub.cgd.ucar.edu/inbox
        set from="@ucar.edu"
        set certificate_file=mutt.crt


        set imap_user=kfischer
        set spoolfile=imap://mailhub.cgd.ucar.edu/inbox
        set from="kfischer@ucar.edu"
        #set imap_pass="my_imap_password"
        set certificate_file=mutt.crt

The first time you start up mutt, certificate information will
come up, and it will ask you if you want to accept once, or
accept and save.  You will most likely want to accept and save,
unless you want to answer this question EVERY time you start
up mutt!  ;-)

Yes, you will need to put in your password every time you start up mutt.