ISG Monitoring Software

The CGD/IS group has developed (or modified) a number of software packages that are useful in our environment for systems monitoring. They might help you, too.

All of the code below is in daily use by the CGD/IS staff. The documentation may be a little (OK, a lot) lacking, but it does work for us. Limited (i.e., a few e-mail exchanges) support is available.

dateit Based on 'todo' (below). Command line tool to help with the "What did I do today?" Also useful for simple updates on system changes as user 'root'.

homedo (Based on 'todo' below). Keeps a separate list.

logtool A *nix based tool for emailing interesting things out of the log files.

todo A brutally simple command line 'todo' program. I can't live without, now.

vault (Based on 'todo' above.) A terminal-based password vault manager that is encrypted using GPG keys for either one person or a group.

wisdom (Based on 'todo' above.) A simple method to squirell away those cool one-line commands.