TSS Staff Research

Bonan, Gordon

Natural and human changes in land cover and ecosystem functions and their effects on climate, water resources, and biogeochemistry. Development and use of climate, hydrological, and ecological models.S

Kyla Dahlin


Fisher, Rosie

Representation of ecological scale interactions (competition, recruitment, migration) in global scale predictive models, ecophysiology of Amazon Rainforest, with a particular focus on the impact of drought on canopy gas exchange and demographics, mechanisms, simulation and parameterisation of plant mortality processes, interactions between the Nitrogen and Carbon cycles and the role of N limitation in determining the ability of additional carbon dioxide to fertilise plant growth, simulating the co-dependence between fire and vegetation structure, optimality models of 'ideal' plant resource allocation for coupled carbon, nitrogen and water acquisition.

Hartman, Melannie


Kluzek, Erik


Lawrence, David

Land surface processes and climate change with a particular emphasis on research into Arctic terrestrial climate system feedbacks, including the impact of permafrost degradation on carbon, water, and energy cycles.; land-atmosphere interactions and how land-atmosphere interactions contribute to climate variability and change.

Lawrence, Peter

Investigate how the biosphere, land surface hydrology, and human modified landscapes interact with the climate system, to impact regional and global climate.

Lee, Hanna

Feedback cycles of global climate change and ecosystem carbon cycles via changes in ecosystem structure; arctic and the desert, as model systems to understand how climate driven changes in landscape structure such as soil properties and hydrology, influence ecosystem carbon balance.

Lombardozzi, Danica


McKinnon, Karen

My research focuses on quantifying and understanding temperature variability at a regional scale, with a focus on extreme events. My recent work is on summer temperature and precipitation variability in the midlatitudes, including subseasonal predictability of extremes based on linkages between climatic boundary conditions and weather events.

Muszala, Stefan


Oleson, Keith

Representation of land surface processes within climate models and examination of land-atmosphere interactions with an emphasis on land cover and land use change.

Swenson, Sean

Terrestrial water cycle, and especially human impacts on the water cycle, at spatial scales of river basins to regional and continental scales.

Thomas, Quinn


Wieder, William (Will)

Evaluating and improving Earth System models by incorporating ecological theory and observations.