TSS Staff Research

Scientific and Support Staff

Natural and human changes in land cover and ecosystem functions and their effects on climate, water resources, and biogeochemistry. Development and use of climate, hydrological, and ecological models.
Investigate how the biosphere, land surface hydrology, and human modified landscapes interact with the climate system, to impact regional and global climate.
Community Land Model (CLM) development. River routing, dust mobilization and deposition, biogenic volatile organic compound emissions, and dynamic vegetation. Scientific support for the user community, i.e. biogeochemical processes.
Representation of land surface processes within climate models and examination of land-atmosphere interactions with an emphasis on land cover and land use change.
Carbon data assimilation.
Land-atmosphere interactions and their impact on Sahel precipitation; adaptability of Caribbean islands to climate change
Vertenstein, Mariana
Software engineer focusing on the Climate System Model (CSM), i.e. atmospheric and land model portions.