Working with VEMAP netCDF Data Files

UNIDATA netCDF - VEMAP data file format and library

- platform independent

UNIDATA Software for manipulating or displaying netCDF data - links to netcdf supported software

NetCDF User's Guide for: C | FORTRAN -

Experimental FORTRAN 90 netCDF interface | netCDFPerl | netCDF for Java

netCDF Operators (NCO) Homepage

GFDL NetCDF Utilities Description - description and links to netcdf supported utilities

netCDF Toolbox for MATLAB-5 | MATLAB Snack Bar - MATLAB tool for netcdf

- Requires MATLAB 5.*.* (commercial software)

Common Data Analysis Tools

UNIDATA Software for manipulating or displaying netCDF data

GFDL NetCDF Utilities Description

Ncview - visual browser for netCDF files, UNIX side

- Solaris only

ncBrowse -graphical netCDF file browser

- UNIX, W32, MacOS

MATLAB-5 with netCDF Toolbox | MATLAB Snack Bar

GDV (Gridded Data Viewer)

Web-Based Data Analysis Tools

WebWinds Interactive Data System -

DODS (Distributed Oceanographic Data System)

Virtual Meeting Environments

UM Worktools - VEMAP Collaborative Analysis Test Site - Coming Soon!

Customized FORTRAN Analysis Tools

K-model forward and adjoint codes


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