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Nedjeljka Žagar
Phone: 1-303-497-1623
Mailing address: 1850 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder 80305, CO

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Nedjeljka Žagar

Welcome to my homepage!

I am a postdoctoral fellow within the Advanced Study Program (ASP) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research .
I received my BSc and MSc in physics/atmospheric physics from the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Zagreb and my PhD from the Department of Meteorology at the Stockholm University . The title of my doctoral dissertation was "Dynamical aspects of atmospheric data assimilation in the tropics" (pdf).

My research interests range from modelling the mid-latitude mesoscale weather to large-scale variability.
My main research topic at present is data assimilation. I am interested in (im)balances which (do not) exist at large scales in the tropics and their manifestation in data assimilation. The goal is to improve understanding of the mass-wind couplings in the tropics and understanding of the flow-dependency of background-error covariances and thereby to improve the data assimilation procedures and to reduce uncertainties in the tropical analysis fields.

Ongoing publications:
Žagar, N., E. Andersson, M. Fisher and A. Untch, 2007: Influence of the quasi-biennial oscillation on the ECMWF model short-range forecast errors in the tropical stratosphere. Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc., 133, 1843-1853. Also available as the ECMWF Tech. Memo 534.
Žagar, N., A. Stoffelen, G.-J. Marseille, C. Accadia and P. Schluessel, 2007: Impact assessment of simulated Doppler wind lidars with a multivariate variational assimilation in the tropics. In print in Mon. Wea. Rev. more info
Vilibic, I., G. Beg Paklar, N. Zagar, H. Mihanovic, N. Supic, M. Zagar, N. Domijan, M. Pasaric, 2007: Summer breakout of trapped bottom dense water from the northern Adriatic. Submitted to JGR Oceans.
Beg Paklar, G., N. Zagar, M. Zagar, R. Vellore, D. Koracin, P.-M. Poulain, M. Orlic, I. Vilibic, V. Dadic, 2007: Modeling the trajectories of satellite-tracked drifters in the Adriatic Sea during a summertime bora event. Submitted to JGR Oceans.

"What is science? That's common sense." -- R.P. Feynman
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