Research Tools: Modeling Animations

CCSM and Water Vapor

NCAR experimenters boosted resolution fourfold in two key components of the Community Climate System Model to produce the fine-scale details in this animation, which captures one month of a five-year simulation. The animation shows the global circulation pattern that transports water vapor from the tropics toward the poles, an atmospheric feature generally well simulated by climate models. But by dialing up the resolution, regional weather phenomena also emerge, including fronts and storm systems not previously visible in global models. [more...] [animation]


Newest CCSM3 Animation shows Four IPCC Scenarios

Click image to view Quicktime animation or download here.

The Climate & Global Dynamics Division (NESL) and the CCSM Community have released an updated CCSM3 animation that models global warming up to the year 2100 in each of the four IPCC Fourth Assessment Report scenarios for CO2 levels. Entitled, "Surface temperature change relative to 1879 - 1899 baseline," the model shows the temporary cooling effects during the 5 major volcanic eruptions of this time period, and then the model's estimates of warming under the different scenarios. The full IPCC report can be found in the related links, right. [more...] [animation]