The Kyoto Protocol: CO2, CH4 and climate implications

T.M.L. Wigley

National Center for Atmospheric Research
P. O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307


Kyoto Protocol implications for CO, temperature and sea level are examined. Three scenarios for post-Kyoto emissions reductions are considered. In all cases, the long-term consequences are small. The limitations specified under the Protocol are interpreted in terms of both CO and CH emissions reductions and a new emissions comparison index, the Forcing Equivalence Index (FEI), is introduced. The use of GWPs to assess CO- equivalence is assessed.

AGU Index Terms: 1600 GLOBAL CHANGE; 1610 Atmosphere ,; 1620 Climate dynamics
Keywords/Free Terms: Atmosphere, Climate Dynamics, CO$_

Geophysical Res. Ltrs. 98GL01855
Vol. 25, No. 13, p. 2285

© 1998 AGU
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