animationData Sets Available Online

1.   Gridded Long-term Mean 3-hourly Surface Observations (Surface Air temperature ) (SLP, humidity, winds, and cloud amounts).

2.   Global Precipitation and Thunderstorm Frequency Data Set, 1975-1997 mean ( non-drizzle precip freq maps) (Thunderstorm Day freq maps) (non-drizzle precip diurnal phase maps) (Precip. Frequency Data).

3.   Global (land) precipitation monthly data: 1850-1995 (Readme and Fortran Binary Format) (netCDF format).

4.   Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) Dataset: 1900-1995.

5.   Global Surface Pressure Tides (S1 & S2 Maps) (Data Format) (Gridded S1 Data) (Gridded S2 Data) (Station S1 & S2 Data) (Oceanic S1 & S2 Data).

6.   River runoff & discharge data .

7.   CSM Simulations.

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