Niño Region 3 and Niño Region 3.4 SST Indices

See also TNI (Trans-Niño Index) and N3.4 (Niño 3.4 Index), which has more up-to-date N3.4 data than below.

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These data constitute Niño Region 3 and Niño Region 3.4 SST anomalies (indices) in degrees Celsius which are discussed and appear as figures in:

  • Trenberth, K. E. (1997) The Definition of El Niño. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 78, 2771-2777. [pdf]

The Niño 3 Region is bounded by 90°W-150°W and 5°S- 5°N. The Niño 3.4 Region is bounded by 120°W-170°W and 5°S- 5°N.

For a discussion of El Niño events from Niño regions 3 and and 3.5 refer to Trenberth, K. E. (1996) El Niño Definition, Exchanges, Newsletter of the Climate Variability and Predictability Programme (CLIVAR), Volume 1, No.3, 6-8.


The raw data may be obtained from the CPC (Climate Prediction Center, NOAA ) data file "sstoi.indices" :

Please note CPC/NCEP/NOAA has changed their calculations extensively over the years. For example, the base periods have been changed and the Nino 3.4 region values have been corrected. Read more about it: FAQ CPC SST Indices


Monthly means were computed for each time series for the period 1950-1979. These means were then subtracted from their respective time series for the entire data set (1950-1999). Finally, a five-month running mean was applied to each time series.


Time series plots of the Niño 3 (upper) and Niño 3.4 (lower) SST indices as five month running means using data from NOAA and relative to a base period climatology from 1950-1979. Values above thresholds of ±0.5°C for Niño 3 and ±0.4°C for Niño 3.4 are stippled to indicate ENSO events.

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