NCAR Climate Analysis Section Data Catalog


NCAR's Climate Analysis Section (CAS) maintains a number of observational data sets and analyses from a variety of sources in support of modelling efforts and climate research. These data have been put on common grids (usually T42 or T63 gaussian grids) to facilitate comparisons.

CAS has archived daily operational analyses from major meteorological centers, such as the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) and the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP, formerly the National Meteorological Center), as well as monthly and long-term means and other products which have been derived from these data. A variety of satellite and surface data sets are also available.

Most of these data sets reside on NCAR's Mass Store System (MSS) in the NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM) history tape format for use with ccm2nc. The more recent format of choice is netCDF for purposes of portability, and the inclusion of useful metadata. Thus, the newest data set updates (after December 1996) are being processed into netCDF, rather than CCM history tape format. Furthermore, the most frequently accessed data sets are being made available as netCDF files prior to December 1996. In some situations, potential users without access to NCAR computers may request limited amounts of data to be made available via ftp or other media.

This catalog features a page for each data set with information about the contents of the data set and how to find it. There are also links to relevant documentation and related data sets .