SOURCE: Data Support Section Dataset ds285.3 and Japan Meteorological Agency.

DATA DESCRIPTION: Version 6.1: Global one-degree analyzed ocean temperature grids and error estimates from surface to 700m from Japan Meteorological Agency.

HISTORY: The Data Support Section downloaded the JMA's grib files and made them available locally.
The GRIB files contained both the analyzed water temperatures [TW] and the estimated analyzed errors [TW_ERR].
Generally, users will want only the analyzed temperatures. Thus, separate files were made for each variable.

AVAILABILITY: The data are available for non-commercial use. All netCDF formatted data are available from the NCAR Mass Storage System (MSS).


GRID: Regular (360 [lon] x 180 [lat])

TIMES: Analyzed Monthly Means

DATES: January 1945 - December 2003

LEVELS: There are 16 depth levels (in m): 0, 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700


Description Name Units
Temperature Water TW C
Temperature Water Error TW_ERR C


MSS FILE NAMES: The MSS file names are similar to the GRIB names. Generic Name: temp.yyyy.nc and temp.err.yyyy.nc where yyyy is the 4-digit year,

  • For example: temp.1985.nc would be the file containing the monthly mean temperatures for 1985.

The following may be used to acquire the files from the MSS:

  • one file:
    • msrcp mss:/CA/MISC/OCN_TEMP/temp.1985.nc . msrcp
    • mss:/CA/MISC/OCN_TEMP/temp.err.1985.nc .
  • all files:
    • msrcp 'mss:/CA/MISC/OCN_TEMP/temp.*.nc' .
    • msrcp 'mss:/CA/MISC/OCN_TEMP/temp.err.*.nc' .

MSS FILE SIZES: Each file is 49.8MB.


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