ERBE Period Ocean and Atmospheric Heat Transport

SOURCE: Fasullo, J.T and K.E. Trenberth, 2008: The Annual Cycle of the Energy Budget. Part II: Meridional Structure and Poleward Transports. J. Clim, 21(10): 2313-2325.

DATA DESCRIPTION: Summary of the mean meridional energy transports for total, atmospheric and oceanic components, composite of ERBE, JRA-25, NCEP/NCAR and ERA40 products.


FORMAT: txt file

GRID: Meridional T-63 (96 latitudes)

LEVELS: single level


Total mean meridional energy transport PW
Atmospheric component of mean meridional energy transport PW
Oceanic component of mean meridional energy transport PW

File: Mean meridional transport

Please also see the following binary files:

For the format of each of these binary files, the annual mean files are 3 floating point arrays of 95 elements indicating the transport, the uncertainty, and the latitude. For the monthly mean files, the arrays are floating point of 12 x 95 for the transport and uncertainty, and a third array of 95 elements for the latitude. The 12 time points correspond to month of year.