Atmospheric mass, moisture and energy budget products from NNRP

SOURCE: Data Support Section Dataset ds090.0 From the 'grbsanl' file. T62 gaussian grid.

DATA DESCRIPTION: atmospheric mass, moisture and energy budget products from NNRP; calculations are described here



GRID: Global T42 (Tapered) Gaussian (128 x 64) 

LEVELS: single level or vertically integrated

TIMES: Monthly means

CURRENT HOLDINGS: Jan 1979-Dec 2009. Please note there are some errors with 2008-2009 that are being addressed. Please check back for corrected data.


Monthly mean surface pressurePSPa
Monthly mean vertically integrated zonal velocityUkg/(m s)
Monthly mean vertically integrated meridional velocityVkg/(m s)
Monthly mean vertically integrated temperatureTK kg/m2
Monthly mean vertically integrated specific humidityPWkg/m2
Monthly mean vertically integrated geopotential heightZkg/m
Monthly mean vertically integrated kinetic energyKEJ/m2
Precipitable water tendencyQTENkg/(m2 s)
Internal energy tendencyITENW/m2
Kinetic energy tendencyKTENW/m2
Latent energy tendencyLETENW/m2
Geopotential tendencyPHISTENW/m2
Total energy tendencyTETENW/m2
Surface pressure tendencyPSTENPa/s
Evaporation minus precipitationEPmm/day
Mass budget residualMRESPa/s
Barotropic correction to zonal windUCm/s
Barotropic correction to meridional windVCm/s
Vertically integrated zonal temperature fluxUTkg K/(m s)
Vertically integrated meridional temperature fluxVTkg K/(m s)
Vertically integrated zonal geopotential height fluxUZkg/s
Vertically integrated meridional geopotential height fluxVZkg/s
Vertically integrated zonal moisture fluxUQkg/(m s)
Vertically integrated meridional moisture fluxVQkg/(m s)
Vertically integrated zonal kinetic energy fluxUKJ/(m s)
Vertically integrated meridional kinetic energy fluxVKJ/(m s)
Divergence of total energyTEDIVW/m2
Divergence of dry static energyDSEDIVW/m2
Divergence of latent energyLEDIVW/m2
Divergence of kinetic energyKEDIVW/m2
Diabatic minus frictional heatingQ1QFW/m2
Vertically Averaged Total EnergyTEJ/kg

MSS Directory: /CA/NMC/MEANS/

Filenames: Based on field name and time representation:, where VAR is the capitalized variable name, also One file per field. All time steps in one file.

e.g. is the file containing surface pressure for all timesteps.

Please note: T42t only available through 2005.

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