ERBE Long-Term Means (Climatologies)

SOURCE: ERBE Monthly Means

DATA DESCRIPTION: Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) Long-Term Means Climatologies for each month and field have been produced. All available months were used. An attempt has been made to correct for inconsistencies introduced into the data record (e.g., by the failure of scanners), and this should be kept in mind when using the climatological data.


GRID: Global - T63 Gaussian (192x96)

LEVELS: Single Level

TIMES:  Average of a given month over several years.


Description Name Units
Net radition NETD W m-2
Solar insolation TSOLRDCS W m-2
Outgoing longwave radiation MLWD W m-2
Reflected shortwave radiation MSWD W m-2
Albdeo ALBEDO fraction


Filename: ERBE_new*

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