MSU data on the MSS

The following is a list of the single-level monthly mean fields archived for the Microwave Sounding Unit (MSU) data. Each field has been converted into a ``TYPEc = CCM1'' history tape at 2.5 dg and T42 resolution. The monthly data are available from January 1979 through December 1991 (156 months). Note that the ``day'' parameter (ICP ``DAYSc'') actually refers to monthly means.

Description Name Units
Channel 2 Temperature CH2T K
Channel 2R Temperature CH2R K
Channel 4 Temperature CH4T K

A climatology for each month has been established based on the 10-year period of 1982--1992. A limited number of retrievals during November 1979 and March, April, and August 1981 affected the data and are the reason for the 10-year mean. Monthly anomalies have been formed by subtracting the 10-year mean from the monthly brightness
temperatures. The missing data appear to have had a small impact on tropical and summer hemisphere anomalies, but caution should be used when examining the winter hemisphere anomalies during the months of missing retrievals (Christy, personal communication).

The mean temperatures have the same processor names and units as above, but they are in ``TYPEc = SAVTAV'' format at 2.5 dg and T42 resolution.

The monthly anomalies have been archived in ``TYPEc = CCM1'' format at 2.5 dg and T42 resolution relative to the 1982--1991 annual cycle.

Description Name Units
Channel 2 Anomalies CH2TANOM K
Channel 2R Anomalies CH2RANOM K
Channel 4 Anomalies CH4TANOM K

Additional information on this dataset may be found in:

  • NCAR Tech Note TN-371, "Monthly Mean Satellite Data Sets Available in CCM
    History Tape Format", Hurrell and Campbell

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