Shea's Climatology (1950-1979)

SOURCE: Data Support Section Dataset (ds290.0)


GRID: Global - 2.4 x 2.5 degree

LEVELS: Surface

TIMES: Average of a given month over several years, and the corresponding monthly deviations.


Description Name Units Levels
Surface temperature TMPave C surface
Surface temperature standard deviation TMPstd C surface
Precipitation PRCave mm surface
Precipitation standard deviation PRCstd mm surface
Sea level pressure SLPave mb surface
Sea level pressure standard deviation SLPstd mb surface
Sea surface temperature SSTave C surface
Sea surface temperature standard deviation SSTstd C surface

MSS Directory: /CA/CLM/ATLAS/



  • Shea, D J, NCAR Technical Note ; NCAR/TN-269+STR, NCAR, Boulder, CO, 35 pp plus 158 figures and 10 microfiche.