Microwave Sounding Unit (MSU) Precipitation Climatologies

SOURCE: DSS ds701.0

DATA DESCRIPTION: Monthly and seasonal climatologies. A seasonal climatology contains the long-term mean of a three month period. e.g. the first time step contains the Dec-Jan-Feb mean, the next, Jan-Feb-Mar.

FORMAT: CCM2 History Tape

GRID: Global - T42 Gaussian (128 x 64) and 2.5 degree (144 x 72)

LEVELS: Surface

TIMES: Average of a given month or season (3 month period)
over several years.

CURRENT HOLDINGS: January 1979 - May 1994 (12 time steps per file)


Description Name Units Levels
Precipitation PRECT mm day-1 surface
Standard deviation DSPRECT mm day-1 surface

MSS Directories and filenames:

  • /TRENBERT/CLM/PRC/MSU_SEASON_T42/CLM_JAN79_MAY94 seasonal climatology on a T42 grid
  • /TRENBERT/CLM/PRC/MSU_SEASON_R25/CLM_JAN79_MAY94 seasonal climatology on a 2.5 degree grid
  • /TRENBERT/CLM/PRC/MSU_MONTH_T42/CLM_JAN79_MAY94 monthly climatology on a T42 grid
  • /TRENBERT/CLM/PRC/MSU_MONTH_R25/CLM_JAN79_MAY94 monthly climatology on a 2.5 degree grid

Please use the ccm2nc software to convert ccm history tape format to netCDF.