Reynold's Blended Sea Surface Temperature Analyses

SOURCE: Data Support Section Dataset ds277.0

DATA DESCRIPTION: This SST data product is derived from ship, satellite, and sea ice limits data and was prepared by R. Reynolds, D. Stokes, and T. Smith of the NMC. Prior to 1982, these data are derived from AMIP data.

FORMAT: CCM2 History Tape

GRID: Global - T42 Gaussian (128 x 64)

LEVELS: Surface

TIMES: One value per month.

CURRENT HOLDINGS: 1979 - 1994 (12 months per file)


Description Name Units Levels
Sea Surface Temperature SST K surface


Filename: CACT42yy where yy=year 12 monthly values (one year) per volume.

  • e.g. CACT4282 for 1982 data.

Please use the ccm2nc software to convert ccm history tape format to netCDF.