Shea, Trenberth and Reynolds SST Climatology (1950-1979)

SOURCE: Data Support Section Dataset ds289.0

FORMAT: CCM2 History Tape, ASCII, netCDF


  • Global - T106 Gaussian (320 x 160)
  • T63 Gaussian (192 x 96)
  • T42 Gaussian (128 x 64)
  • T31 Gaussian (96 x 48)
  • R15 Gaussian (48 x 40)
  • Regular 2 degree (181 x 91), ASCII only
  • And many more! (See Filenames)

LEVELS: Surface

TIMES: Average of a given month over several years.


Description Name Units Levels
Sea Surface Temperature SST K surface

MSS Directory: /CA/SST/STR

Filenames: tttMy1y2 where ttt=truncation, y1=starting year, y2=ending year 12 means (months) per volume.

  • e.g. T42M5079 for 1950-79 climatolgy truncated at T42.
R15M5079 T63M5079 T3121M5079
T05M5079 T80M5079 T4221M5079
T21M5079 T106M5079 T6331M5079
T31M5079 T170M5079 T6342M5079
T42M5079 T3115M5079  

Please use the ccm2nc software to convert ccm history tape format to netCDF.