Fig. 6: The northward ocean heat flux from the NCEP-derived and ECMWF-derived products are compared (top) for the Atlantic Ocean with direct ocean estimates from sections: ˜55° N: Bacon (1997) ``B'', 36° N: Sato and Rossby (2000) ``R'', 24° N: Lavin et al. (1998) ``L'', 14° N: Klein et al. (1995) ``K'', 11° S: Speer et al. (1996) ``S'', along 45° S (South America to 10° E) to 35° S (Africa), plotted at 40° S: Saunders and King (1995) ``A'', at 11, 23, 30 and 40° S: Holfort and Siedler (2000) ``H'', and at several latitudes MacDonald (1998) ``M''. The middle panel compares the results with transports from the HADCM3 (years 81-120) and CSM (years 250-299) coupled models, and the bottom panel shows results for the global ocean along with those from MacDonald and Wunsch (1996) at 24° N and 30° S ``W'', and at 24° N the combined Lavin et al. (1998) and Bryden et al. (1991) ``V''.