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An Introduction to Atmospheric and Oceanographic Datasets

Appendix D

Acronyms and Abbreviations

ACARSARINC Communications and Reporting System
ACCPAtlantic Climate Change Program
AFGWCU.S. Air Force Global Weather Center
AFOS Automation of Field Operations and Services
AIPAlgorithm Intercomparison Project (satellite precipitation)
AMIAdvanced Microwave Instrument (ERS-1)
AGCMAtmospheric General Circulation Model
AMIPAtmospheric Model Intercomparison Project
AMSAmerican Meteorological Society
AMSUAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit
APIApplication Programmer Interface
ARCSSArctic System Science
ARINCAeronautical Radio, Inc.
ASDARAircraft to Satellite Data Relay
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASOSAutomated Surface Observing System
ATMOSAtmospheric Trace Molecular Spectroscopy
ATSAdvanced Technology Satellite
ATSRAlong-track Scanning Radiometer
AVHRRAdvanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
AWIPSAdvanced Weather Interactive Processing System

BATSBiosphere-Atmosphere Transfer Scheme (NCAR)
BCDBinary Coded Decimal
BMRCBureau of Meteorology Research Centre (Australia)
BUFRBinary Universal Format Representation
BUVBackscatter Ultraviolet Radiometer

CACClimate Analysis Center (now CPC)
CAMSClimate Anomaly Monitoring System
CARDSComprehensive Aerological Reference Data Set
CCCCanadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis
CCM Community Climate Model (NCAR); CCM2 is the most recent version
CERNEuropean Laboratory for Particle Physics
CDASClimate Data Assimilation Scheme
CDCControl Data Corporation
CDFCommon Data Format
CDIACCarbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
CIESINConsortium for International Earth Science Info. Network
CD-ROMCompact Disc-Read-Only Memory
CEDARCoupled Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions
CERESClouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System
CHAMMPComputer Hardware, Advanced Mathematics, and Model Physics
CIRESCooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science (UC - Boulder)
CLIMAPClimate Mapping and Prediction
CLIVARClimate Variability and Predictability
CMAPClimate Modeling, Analysis and Prediction
CMCCanadian Meteorological Centre
CNESCentre Nationale d'Etudes Spatiales (French National Center for Space Studies)
COADSComprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set
COARECoupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment
COLACenter for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies
CPCClimate Prediction Center (formerly CAC)
CPPCloud Photopolarimeter
CRIClimate Research Institute (Oklahoma State University)
CSMClimate System Modeling

DAACDistributed Active Archive Center
DAREDara Rescue
DISData and Information System
DKRZDeutsches Klimarechenzentrum (German Climate Computing Center)
DMAU.S. Defense Mapping Agency
DODU.S. Department of Defense
DOEU.S. Department of Energy
DOIU.S. Department of the Interior
DPCDisplay Code (from CDC)
DSSData Support Section (of NCAR)

EBCDICExtended Binary Coded Data Interchange Code (from IBM)
ECMWFEuropean Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting
EDISEnvironmental Data and Information Service
EDSEnvironmental Data Service
EMElectromagnetic Radiation
ENSOEl Nino Oscillation
EOFEmpirical Orthogonal Functions (Principal Components)
EOSEarth Observing System
EOSDISEOS Data and Information System
EPAU.S. Environmental Protection Agency
ERBEarth Radiation Budget
ERSEuropean Remote Sensing
ERBEEarth Radiation Budget Experiment
ERLEnvironmental Research Laboratory (NOAA)
ESAEuropean Space Agency
ESSA U.S. Environmental Science Services Agency (forerunner of NOAA
ESAEREuropean Space Agency's Earth Resources Satellite
ESMRElectronically Scanning Microwave Radiometer
ESSA Environmental Science Service Administration
ETACU.S. Air Force Environmental Technical Applications Center

FAA U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
FAQFrequently Asked Question
FCDSU.S. Navy Fleet Consolidated Data Set
FGGEFirst GARP Global Experiment
FGGE SOPFGGE Special Observing Period
FNOCU.S. Navy Fleet Numerical Oceanographic Center
FNWCU.S. Navy Fleet Numerical Weather Center
FORTRANFORmula TRANslation (a computer language)
FSLForecast Systems Laboratory of ERL (NOAA)
FTPFile Transfer Protocol

GARPGlobal Atmospheric Research Program
GATEGARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment
GCDISGlobal Change Data Information System
GISSGSFC Institute for Space Studies
GCIPGEWEX Continental--Scale International Project
GCOSGlobal Climate Observing System
GRIBGridded Binary
GCMGeneral (or Global) Circulation Model
GCRPGlobal Change Research Program
CGSSGEWEX Cloud System Study
GCTEGlobal Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems
GDAACGoddard Distributed Active Archive Center
GEOSGeodynamics Experimental Ocean Satellite (launched 9 Apr 1975)
GEWEX Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment
GFDLGeophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
GOALSGlobal Ocean Atmosphere Land System
GMSGeostationary Meteorological Satellite
GMTGrenwich Mean Time
GOESGeostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GOFGlobal Ocean Flux
GORDAGlobal Oceanographic Data Archaeology and Rescue
GPIGOES Precipitation Index
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GSFCGoddard Space Flight Center
GTSGlobal Telecommunications System
GWEGlobal Weather Experiment

HAOHigh Altitude Observatory (NCAR)
HDFHierarchical Data Format
HIRSHigh Resolution Infra-Red Sounder
HPCCHigh Performance Computing and Communications
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HTTPHypertext Transport Protocol

IBM International Business Machines
IDCSImage Dissector Camera System
IEEEThe Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEOSInternational Earth Observing System
IGBPInternational Geosphere-Biosphere Program
IGYInternational Geophysical Year (1 July 1957 - 31 December 1958)
INSATIndian Satellite
IPInternet Protocol
IPCCIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IRInfrared Radiation
IRISInfrared Interferometer Spectrometer
IRTM Infrared Thermal Mapper
ISAMSImproved Stratospheric and Mesospheric Sounder
ISCCPInternational Satellite Cloud Climatology Project
ISISIntegrated Surface Irradiance Study (NOAA)
ISLSCPInternational Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project
ISWSIllinois State Water Survey
ITCZIntertropical Convergence Zone
ITOSImproved TIROS Operational System
ITPRInfrared Temperature Profile Radiometer

JAWSJoint Airport Weather Studies Project
JMAJapan Meteorological Agency
JPLJet Propulsion Laboratory (California Institute of Technology)

LANLocal Area Network
LANLLos Alamos National Laboratory
LBLLawrence Berkley Laboratory
LDGO Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory
LLNLLawrence Livermore National Laboratories
LWLongwave radiation

MBTMechanical Bathythermograph
MITMassachusetts Institute of Technology
MMTSMaximum-Minimum Temperature System
MONEXMonsoon Experiment
MOSModel Output Statistics
MPIMax Plank Institute (Hamburg, Germany)
MRIRMedium Resolution Infrared Radiometer
MSLMean Sea Level
MSUMicrowave Sounding Unit

NASAU.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NBSU.S. National Bureau of Standards
NCARU.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research
NCCU.S. National Climatic Center (now NCDC)
NCDCU.S. National Climatic Data Center
NCDSNASA Climate Data System
NCEPNational Centers for Environmental Prediction (formerly NMC)
NCLNCAR Command Language
NCSANational Center for Supercomputing Applications
NDBCNational Data Bouy Center
NESDISU.S. National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
NESSU.S. National Environmental Satellite Service
NEXRADNext Generation Radar (WSR-88D)
NGDCU.S. National Geophysical Data Center
NGSDCU.S. National Geophysical and Solar-Terrestrial Data Center
netCDFNetwork Common Data Format
NHNorthern Hemisphere
NHCU.S. National Hurricane Center
NHEMLU.S. National Hurricane Experimental Meteorological Laboratory
NHREU.S. National Hail Research Experiment
NMCU.S. National Meteorological Center (now NCEP)
NNMINonlinear Normal Mode Initialization
NOAAU.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NODCU.S. National Oceanographic Data Center
NOOU.S. National Oceanographic Office
NORDAU.S. Naval Ocean Research and Development Activity
NOSU.S. National Ocean Survey
NRLU.S. Naval Research Laboratory
NSBFU.S. National Scientific Balloon Facility (NCAR-ATD)
NSFU.S. National Science Foundation
NSFNET National Science Foundation Network
NSIDCU.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center
NSSDCU.S. National Space Science Data Center
NSSFCU.S. National Severe Storms Forecast Center
NSSLU.S. National Severe Storms Laboratory
NTISU.S. National Technical Information Service
NUCU.S. National Underseas Research Center
NVAPNASA Water Vapor Project
NWPNumerical Weather Experiment
NWRCU.S. National Weather Records Center
NWSU.S. National Weather Service

ODASOceanic Data Assimilation System
OGCMOcean General Circulation Model
OIOptimal Interpolation
OKCSOklahoma Climatological Survey
OLROutgoing Longwave Radiation
ORNLOak Ridge National Laboratory
OSUOregon State University

PAMPortable Automated Mesonetwork
PIP-1First Precipitation Intercomparison Project
PDSPlanetary Data System
PLDSPlanetary Land Data System
POPSPrimary Oceanographic Prediction System
PsfcSurface Pressure

RAOBRadiosonde or Rawindsonde Observation
RHRelative Humidity
RFCRiver Forecast Center (NWS)
RNMIRoyal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

SAGEStratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment
SAMStratospheric Aerosol Measurement
SARSynthetic Aperture Radar
SASSSeasat A Scatterometer System
SATOBSSatellite Observations
SCDScientific Computing Division (of NCAR)
SCRIPPSScripps Oceanographic Institute (University of California at San Diego)
SEDACSocioeconomic Data and Applications Center
SHSouthern Hemisphere
SIRSSatellite Infrared Spectrometer
SLPPressure at (what would be) Sea Level
SMMSolar Maximum Mission
SMMRScanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
SOSouthern Oscillation
SOISouthern Oscillation Index
SOLRADSolar Radiation Network (now defunct; NOAA)
SPARCStratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate
SRScanning Radiometer
SSHTSea Surface Height (above some reference ellipsoid)
SSISpectral Statistical Interpolation
SSM/ISpecial Sensor Microwave/Imager
SSTSea Surface Temperature
SSUStratospheric Sounding Unit
STPStation Pressure
SW Short Wave
SWRPSpace Weather Research Program
TAOTropical Atmosphere Ocean
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protoco
TDLTechniques Development Laboratory
TIROSTelevision Infrared Observing Satellite
TOGATropical Oceans Global Atmosphere
TOMS Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer
TOPEX Ocean Topography Experiment
TOSTIROS Observational System
TOVSTiros Operational Vertical Sounder
TRMMTropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
TsfcSurface Temperature

UAOBUpper Air Observation
UARSUpper Atmosphere Research Satellite
UCARUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research
UKUnited Kingdom
UKMOUK Meteorological Office
UNIDATAUniversity Data (a corporation, not a data type)
URLUniform Resource Locator (Mosaic)
USAFU.S. Air Force
USBCFU.S. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries
USCGSU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
USGCRPU.S. Global Change Research Program
USGS U.S. Geological Survey
USWBU.S. Weather Bureau
UTCUniversal Time Coordinate
UVUltraviolet Radiation

VEMAPVegetation-Ecosystem Modeling and Analysis Project
VHRRVery High Resolution Radiometer
VISthe visible part of the EM spectrum
VTPRVertical Temperature Profile Radiometer

WAISWide-Area Information Server
WCRPWorld Climate Research Program
WDCWorld Data Center
WEFAXWeather Facsimile
WFOWeather Forecast Office (NWS)
WGNEWorking Group on Numerical Experimentation
WHOIWoods Hole Oceanographic Institute
WMOWorld Meteorological Organization (Geneva, Switzerland)
WOCEWorld Ocean Circulation Experiment
WODCWorld Ozone Data Center
WSRWeather Service Radar
WWWWorld Wide Web

XBTExpendable Bathythermograph
XDRExternal Data Representation

An Introduction to Atmospheric and Oceanographic Datasets
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