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CAM3 Column Outputs

We provide one-year full-time resolution datasets of single-column outputs at 20 locations proposed by the CPT. These columns were chosen for having observations and for having a wide range of cloud regimes.

  • Run details
      The model was run in the default CAM configuration, i.e., Eulerian dynamics at T42 spectral resolution (about 2.8 degree grid spacing) with 26 vertical levels. The model timestep is 20 minutes. The model was constrained by observed sea surface temperatures. It was run for 4 months in a spin-up mode and the actual run was started on January 1, 2000.
  • Dataset descriptions
      The datasets are in NetCDF format and can be downloaded from this website.
      For each location, we provide outputs for each timestep for selected fields.
      Monthly means of additional variables are available in a separate global history file.
  • Important remarks
      We provide outputs every timestep (20 minutes). Some variables (in particular the variables connected to the radiative scheme) are evaluated every model hour. Between hourly evaluations, these variables are held constant or reset to zero. Click here for the list of variables.

      We pick the model column closest to the desired location. For example, the Oklahoma ARM site is located at 97.5W_36.4N. The model column closest to the ARM site is 98.4W_37.67N
      Click here to kwow how to retrieve the model column coordinates.

  • Global (monthly averages) download

  • Oklahoma ARM (97.5W 36.4N) download
  • Nauru ARM (166.9E_0.5S) download
  • Manus ARM (147.4E_2.1S) download
  • Darwin ARM (130.9E 12.4S) download
  • Barrow ARM (156.6W_71.3N) download
  • EUROCS Pacific section - SW end (165W_5N) download
  • EUROCS Pacific section - middle (148W_17N) download
  • EUROCS Pacific section - NE end (125W_35N) download
  • Amazonia (62W_11S) download
  • Cabaaw tower, Netherlands (4.9E_52N) download
  • Cape Grim, Tasmania (145E_42S) download
  • WHOI SE Pacific stratus buoy (85W_20S) download

  • WHOI Atlantic tradewind NTAS buoy (51W_15N) download

  • OWS N (140W_30N) download
  • OWS P (145W_50N) download
  • central Pacific SE trades TAO buoy (125.1W_8S) download
  • central Pacific ITCZ TAO buoy (125.2W_8N) download
  • COARE (156E_2S) download
  • Other (156W_2S) download
  • China Sea (120E_23.5N) download
  • EPIC (95W_10N) download
  • GATE (23W_8.5N) download

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