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Climate Process Team (CPT): Low-Latitude Cloud Feedbacks on Climate Sensitivity.


The Climate Process Team (CPT) is a new approach to improve climate modeling. The concept of a CPT is that a group of scientists, i.e. modelers, observationalists, theoreticians work closely together to improve the parameterization of a particular process in climate models.

The CPT on Low-Latitude Cloud Feedbacks on Climate Sensitivity was motivated by the fact that two leading US models: the NCAR and the GFDL models produced a very different response in the change of low-level clouds in a doubled carbon dioxide scenario. Our team was formed to increase the understanding of tropical and subtropical cloud feedbacks on climate sensitivity and to reduce the large uncertainty in the climate model simulations of these feedbacks.

A complete description of the goals and organization of the CPT on Low-Latitude Cloud Feedbacks on Climate Sensitivity can be found at the main CPT webpage:

Projects at NCAR

The CPT group at NCAR is involved in various projects and collaborations with the rest of the CPT.
  • A description of our collaborative activities and accomplishments can be found in the project webpages.
  • To facilitate a comprehensive cloud feedback analysis of the CAM, we also maintain a database of simulation output and plots relevant to the CPT.

    Feel free to browse our webpage. Access to part of the website is restricted to the CPT participants.


    This research is supported by the National Science Foundation.

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