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The CSM Sea Ice Model (CSIM)


box diagram The sea ice component of CSM, referred to as the CSM Sea Ice Model or CSIM, includes active thermodynamic and dynamic processes. It is driven by the heat, momentum, and freshwater fluxes provided at the upper and lower ice boundaries by the atmospheric and oceanic model components, respectively. CSIM, in turn, provides the appropriate boundary fluxes required by the atmosphere and ocean in the presence of ice. The CSM Flux Coupler facilitates and manages the exchange of fluxes between CSM component models and exercises the required care to assure conservation of heat, momentum, and freshwater within the model climate system.


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Copyright Notice: the NCAR CSM Sea Ice Model is subject to Copyright (C) 1996, 1997, 1998 , University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, All Rights Reserved.


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Updated: July 30 1998