Haiyan Teng, Project Scientist

Curriculum Vitae

Recent papers

Branstator, G. and H. Teng, 2012: Potential impacts of initialization on CMIP5 decadal predictions. Geophys. Res. Lett., submitted. [ Complete Article (.pdf)]

Teng, H., W.Washington, G. Branstator, G.A.Meehl, J.-F. Lamarque, 2012: Potential impacts of Asian carbon aerosols on future US warming. Geophys. Res. Lett., submitted. [ Complete Article (.pdf)]

Teng, H. and G. Branstator, 2012: A zonal wavenumber-3 pattern of Northern Hemisphere wintertime planetary wave variability at high latitudes. J. Climate, in press. [ Complete Article (.pdf)]

Branstator, G., H.Teng, G.A. Meehl, M. Kimoto, J.R.Knight, M.Latif,A.Rosati, 2012: Systematic estimates of initial value decadal predictability for six AOGCMs. J. Climate. [ Complete Article (.pdf),Figures (.gif)]

Teng, H., G. Branstator, and G.A. Meehl, 2011: Predictability of the Atlantic Overturning Circulation and associated surface patterns in two CCSM3 climate change ensemble experiments. J. Climate. 24, 6054-6076[ Complete Article (.pdf)]

Branstator, G. and H. Teng, 2010: Two limits of initial-value decadal predictability in a CGCM. J. Climate, 23, 6292-6311 [Complete Article (.pdf), Figures (.gif).]

Teng, H. and G. Branstator, 2011: Initial value predictability in prominent modes of north Pacific subsurface temperature in a coupled GCM. Climate Dynamics, 36, 1813-1834 [Complete Article (.pdf)]

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