PMIP2 Workshop: Preliminary Program

September 14-19, 2008

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

PMIP overview

  • Latest results for 6ka and 21 ka

PMIP subprojects

  • subset of subproject presentations
  • poster session

Theme 2: Warm Periods

  • Holocene
  • LIG
  • Mid-Pliocene

Theme 4: Uncertainties

  • assessment of uncertainties (model,data)
  • metrics for uncertainties

Forward modeling and data assimilation


Registration & informal dinner

Data syntheses

  • updated datasets
  • new datasets

Theme 1: benchmarking

  • needs for ESM
  • new data sets
  • methodology

Theme 3: Abrupt Changes

  • deglaciation
  • melt water events
  • other thresholds


Conclusion of the workshop

  • END at 15h00
Evening of after dinner    


  • use of PMIP database,
  • methodological needs


  • new directions (pmip flier)


Each session will include:
Key presentations (2), short presentations highlighted specific points and a discussion

Themes 1 to 4 address the new directions proposed in the PMIP brochure.