CCR Staff: Christine Shields, Associate Scientist

Short Bio

My role as an Associate Scientist here at NCAR/CGD is to apply and analyze the Community Earth System Model (CESM) to past, present, and future climates. Over the years, I have studied many time periods, including the deep time paleoclimates of the Late Ordivician (445Ma, i.e millions of years ago), the Permian/Triassic Boundary (250Ma), the Cretaceous (100Ma and 65Ma), and the Paleo-Eocene Thermal Maximum (55Ma).

Much can be learned from analyzing past periods in Earth's history that will, in turn, help us understand our planet's future. My current research focuses on diagnosing Earth's hydrological cycle and understanding future changes to this balance. We consider topics such as monsoons, tropical cyclones, moisture transport, and weather extremes when evaluating the hydrological cycle. We utilize CESM not only as a tool to understand Earth's hydrological cycle, but also as a tool to help the modelling community improve the models themselves by evaluating the importance of topics such as model resolution when simulating nature. This work is under the leadership of Jeff Kiehl.

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  • 100% Office of Science (BER), U.S. Department of Energy