The graphic (a snapshot from the animation) depicts the surface temperature increase (relative to the 1870-1899 period) from the average of a set of CCSM3 experiments of the IPCC AR4 SRES A1B (midrange) climate change scenario. The lower panel shows the global average temperature change from the same base period, illustrating the impact of five major volcanic eruptions, as well as the different IPCC AR4 SRES scenarios, Commitment (no changes relative to 2000 in greenhouse gasses), B1 (CO2 level stabilizes at 550 ppm), A1B (CO2 stabilizes at 720 ppm) and A2 (CO2 increases to 840 ppm at 2100).

Meehl, G.A., W.M. Washington, B.D. Santer, W.D. Collins, J.M. Arblaster, A. Hu, D.M. Lawrence, H.Y. Teng, L.E. Buja, and W.G. Strand, 2006: Climate change projections for the twenty-first century and climate change commitment in the CCSM3. Journal of Climate, 19, 2597-2616, DOI: 10.1175/JCLI3746.1


These animations show the same features mentioned above. For the Krakatau and Santa Maria eruptions, the animations "slow down" to show the global cooling caused by these volcanoes. The 800x600 animations are suitable for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. The 1920x1440 version is high-definition and isn't suitable for standard laptops. These animations are freely available.

Name                                                                     Size                   Format                      Resolution              Frame rate                    Running time                   175 MB             Quicktime                 800x600                  30fps                                1 min 42 sec

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CCSM3_A1B_800x600_60fps.wmv                  109 MB            Windows                   800x600                  60fps                                51 sec         196 MB            Quicktime                 1920x1440              30fps                               1 min 42 sec