about this error message...

Subject: about this error message...
From: ȫ (hong2108@hanmail.net)
Date: Wed Dec 31 1969 - 16:59:59 MST

I want to set up CCM3 on PC using the Linux operation.
Thus, I got file ccm3.10.11.brnchT.366physics.4.tar.gz and ccm3.6.6.code.tar.gz through ftp.

I used pgf90 compiler but there is error.
error message is PGF90-S-0087-Non-constant expression where constant expression required(/home/csd/csdccm/CCM3/ccm/bld/../src/dom/albedo.h:5).

I want to get advice about these error message.
I am waiting your reply. Thank you for reading my poor English writing.


츮 ͳ, Daum
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