How do I make interpic?(Linux PC . pgf77)

Subject: How do I make interpic?(Linux PC . pgf77)
From: ȫ (
Date: Wed Dec 31 1969 - 16:59:59 MST

I want to change resolution from T42 to T21
There is interpolation tool directory in the ~/tools/interpic/~.
I changed Makefile,especially in part of netcdf directory
But this makefile has not Linux platform, so I inserted this part.
changed part is
=> LIB_NETCDF =(~~~)
=> INC_NETCDF =( )
=>in determine platform
  UNAMEM =~ Linux ~
=> and I inseted
# Linux
ifeq ($(UNAMES),Linux)
FC =~~~/pgf77
FFLAGS =-DLinux $(cpp_path) -r8 -i4 -O2 -Mrecursive -Kieee -Mdalign
=>Default rules
FC :=~~~/pgf77
     $(FC) -o $@ $(OBJS) $(FFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS)
I changed Makefile and then
error message is
cc -c -o addglobal.o addglobal.c
addglobal.c : 6 : netcdf.h ; there is no file and directory
gnumake: error 1
Linux on PC (pgf77)
How do I change this Makefile?

츮 ͳ, Daum
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