Re: How do I make interpic?(Linux PC . pgf77)

Subject: Re: How do I make interpic?(Linux PC . pgf77)
From: Erik Kluzek (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 16:24:51 MST

Hong wrote...

> I want to change resolution from T42 to T21
> There is interpolation tool directory in the ~/tools/interpic/~.
> I changed Makefile,especially in part of netcdf directory
> But this makefile has not Linux platform, so I inserted this part.
. (snip)
> error message is
> cc -c -o addglobal.o addglobal.c
> addglobal.c : 6 : netcdf.h ; there is no file and directory
> gnumake: error 1

The error is that the C compilation part of the Makefile can't find
the location of "netcdf.h". From the above it is not including $(INC_NETCDF)
in the C compilation. The compilation should look something like:

cc -c -I $(INC_NETCDF) -o addglobal.o addglobal.c

The Makefile was designed so that you can set the environment variable
INC_NETCDF and LIB_NETCDF to the location of the NetCDF library include
directory and library -- without having to change the Makefile at all
(obviously in this case you do need to change the Makefile since you need
to add a new platform). But, you do need to have the NetCDF package built
somewhere on your system and know where it is so you can set INC_NETCDF

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