Test of NCAR CCM3.10.11

Subject: Test of NCAR CCM3.10.11
From: In-Sun Song (sis@atmos.yonsei.ac.kr)
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 21:40:28 MST

Dear CCM users

This is In-Sun Song, Ph. D. student of Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences,
Yonsei Univ. Seoul, Korea.

As you know, the CRAY T3E is not supported any longer as the
architecture to run NCAR CCM3.

Even though the CRAY T3E is not the supported machine, I ported
CCM3.10.11_branchT_366physics_4 on the CRAY T3E because I don't have any
reliable parrallel processing machine to
run NCAR CCM3 except CRAY T3E.

I'd like to check the reliability of the result of my CCM3 ported on the
CRAY T3E. That is, I'd like to compare my results
with those made on the machines(e.g., IBP SP2, DEC-alpha cluster, ORIGIN
2k, etc...)

Could you give me your NetCDF history file or diagnostic output
file(atm.log.xxxx) made using the distributed initial(SEP1.T42.0198.nc
and CCM3.5LSMICSEP1.0198.310lsm.nc) and boundary data(T42M5079.nc for
SST and noaao3.1990.21999.nc for ozone) with



Song, In-Sun
Ph. D. Student
Laboratory for Mesoscale Dynamics
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.
E-mail : sis@atmos.yonsei.ac.kr
Tel : +82-2-2123-2688
Fax : +82-2-365-5163

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