Re: SPMD compiling on Linux cluster...

Subject: Re: SPMD compiling on Linux cluster...
From: Jim Rosinski (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 17:44:46 MDT

On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, Dave Flory wrote:

> I have been struggling to compile SPMD version of CCM3 on
> a linux cluster (700Mhz, PIII's) using the Portland
> Group's compilers.
> We have succesfully compiled and run the serial version
> using pgf77 and pgf90. For the SPMD version, I am using the pghpf
> compiler with the -Mmpi flag. The errors I encounter occur
> within ccmoce.F, a routine which compiles fine with the SPMD
> flag turned off.
> I have checked the email archives, reviewed the SPMD sections in
> the user guide, as well checked the CCM-News. Unfortunately, I
> found little help concerning running the model in SPMD mode
> on linux. I have included the errors below as well as the Linux
> section of the Makefile.
> Can anyone provide a clue to what I am missing or doing incorrectly?
> Should I be using a different Portland Group compiler (pgf77 or pgf90)
> with different flags to handle the MPI calls?

Are you using the netcdf-enabled version of CCM3.6.6 from the NCAR ftp site
(, ccm/ccm3.10.11.brnchT.366physics.4.tar.gz)? If not I would
recommend starting there since the message-passing in that code is much
improved over the previous version of the CCM3.6.6 model.

That code runs here at NCAR on a beowulf linux cluster using pgf90 with no
problems. The underlying mpi library is mpich. I don't know about the -Mmpi
flag to pgif90, what it does or if it is applicable to the CCM code. From
the documentation it sounds like it only applies to hpf not pgf90.

Hope this helps.


Jim Rosinski
CCM Core Group

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