Vertical interpolation of data in history file

Subject: Vertical interpolation of data in history file
From: In-Sun Song (
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 20:16:26 MDT

Dear CCM-users

In CCM, monthly mean data in history file are written on hybrid-sigma

That means each variables in the history file averaged on the
hybrid-sigma coordinates.

So I interpolate variables vertically using VINTH2P_ECMWF and monthly
mean surface pressure field in order to obtain variables on some
specified pressure levels.

If Variables are averaged for 1 month after those variables are
interpolated vertically to the standard pressure levels, this result
will be different from the vertically interpolated result after monthly

Could you explain why variables in monthly mean history file are
averaged on hybrid-sigma coordinates?

Is the difference between above mentioned two results not significant?


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