Re: CCM3.6.6 on IBM RS/6000

Subject: Re: CCM3.6.6 on IBM RS/6000
From: Erik Kluzek (
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 11:39:18 MDT


> I want to transfer CCM3.6.6 to IBM RS/6000.When I compile the model, =
> it terminate when making dependency,that indicate in compile_log.atm:
> addfld.d:2: *** missing separator. Stop.
> Could someone tell me why?

If you want to run with CCM3.6.6 on the IBM RS/6000 use the CCM3.10.11
branch code that was specifically designed for this purpose. The CCM3.6.6
code has problems when trying to run on the IBM.

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