CCM3 just dies at start of new month...

Subject: CCM3 just dies at start of new month...
From: Gary Strand (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 10:28:40 MDT

I'm running CCM3.6.6 standalone, T85, on the NCAR blackforest machine, writing
out history tapes every hour, restarts every day, and for a reason I cannot
determine, the model finishes September 30 and then simply quits as it attempts
to create the CCM restart for October 1.

The tail end of the output file looks OK (excepting the "Terminated" messages
from each processor):

 (OPNFIL): Successfully opened file ccmr_00051001_00000 on unit= 2
 (OPNFIL): Successfully opened file ccmr_00051001_00000.A on unit= 3

but both those files are length zero.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Gary Strand                Climate Change Research Section, NCAR (303) 497-1336                

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