interpsst errors on Linux

Subject: interpsst errors on Linux
From: root (
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 16:17:57 MDT


We have been trying to run the ccm3 tools (interpic, definesurf and
interpsst) on a Linux platform with PGI Fortran compiler.

We changed some lines of code in the gauaw.F90 file. The lines...

! real*16 sinlat(k) ! sine of latitudes
! real*16 wgt(k) ! gaussian weights
! real*16 one ! 1. in real*16. Needed by atan
! real*16 eps ! convergence criterion

...were changed by :
  real*8 sinlat(k) ! sine of latitudes
  real*8 wgt(k) ! gaussian weights
  real*8 one ! 1. in real*16. Needed by atan
  real*8 eps ! convergence criterion

we added :
# ifdef LINUX
 parameter (eps = 1.D-14)

the programs were compiled without error, interpic and definesurf seem
work fine! but interpsst doesn't work.

interpsst -v -x 64 -y 32 .......never finished
(it's still in a loop!!!!)

interpsst -v -x 64 -y 32 finished without error,
but the generated field is constant valued (-1.75).

Thanks a lot,

Andrés Calderón

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