A question of SNOWH

Subject: A question of SNOWH
From: Xuguang Wang (xuguang@essc.psu.edu)
Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 20:34:05 MDT

Dear ccm3 users:

I use ccm/data/SEP1.T42.0198.nc to initialize ccm3. I found the value of
SNOWH in the first history file h0001 ( mfilt=1 ) is quit different from
that in SEP1.T42.0198.nc. I feel this is not because of the truncation.

Take the values on the first ten grids (I believe they are around south
pole) as an example:

in SEP1.T42.0198.nc
  0.166510121996652, 0.160521293526337, 0.153711659471096,
  0.149433300608174, 0.146167273188443, 0.143210487412698,
  0.141848846414053, 0.131536333966147, 0.138892574829979,
  0.125434684679257, ......

in h0001
  1.051096e-07, 1.080691e-07, 1.083713e-07,
  1.10798e-07, 1.119353e-07, 1.076226e-07,
  1.11298e-07, 1.155672e-07, 1.188084e-07,
  1.225862e-07, ......

Would you give me some suggestions about what happens? Thanks for your

Xuguang Wang
Penn State Meteorology

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